Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sebastiaan Bremer

I stumbled over this fella, Sebastiaan Bremer, earlier today and love his new series of photographs. The new series is in his medium works range, and remind me of old negatives from the 1960s and 1970s that have grown mould on them. I used to go through my mum and dads photos for days and look at these blotches on the negs... if you develop them they come out fuzzy and if they are colour negs, you can get some crazy colours happening. These two images are just an example, so make sure you go and Have a look.

(RED) and Nike

Now, some people know that i love me sneakers, and then some of those people know that i love my Nikes. And i really love it when a company or brand that i wear/buy does soemthing good.
Nike has teamed up with (RED) and have done something great. They have made a pair shoe laces and done a massive campaign to fight the global food crisis.
Check the campaign here
The video is well worth a look.


Panasonic released these earphones, and if i saw them on a shelf i would buy them instantly. It is such an awesome design for the packaging. Clean and Simple.

Laurent Nivalle Photography

Laurent Nivalle has just photographed The Le Mans Classic, which is a vintage sports car event in France. Now i love cars and i love vintage, so now i want to go to this event. I adore Nivalle's use of cropping in, and the idea of looking down on the subjects.

Check the full collection here they are beautiful.

Cult Streetwear Book

The other day at work, one of the fashion ladies gave me this book. Apparently i suit it more than them, which i took as a positive thing. Ive seen this book around and was happy to devote half of the Monday afternoon flipping through the pages of it.
Cult Streetwear doesnt just give you the pretty pictures, it also gives details of the people behind the brands. Which is something that I think you should know if you wear one brand enough.
The layout and design of the book is so clean, which i am also a fan of.

Find it here

Monday, July 5, 2010

Match This...

Now if i smoked i would like those puppies with matches... its just a little bit more romantic dont you think? Anyway speaking of matches, how cool are these? Mucca Design has designed these match packets in theme with a neighbourhood area, Condesa.
Very appealing.

David Bailey

So today is my second day back at work after 5 weeks off, and i keep coming across the photographer David Bailey. Now i do love this snapper. For starters he was a fashion photographer for Vogue and also helped create the "Swinging London" look and feel in the 1960s.
These two images are my favourites of Baileys from this period, also being 2 of my fav actors aswell, esp Sir Michael Caine.