Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Paul Rand for IBM

I have been looking old school vintage design alot lately. I guess i am trying to find something that pushes me to design something new. When i look through my inspiration images folder i always see the work of Paul Rand.
Rand designed some pretty freaking cool stuff, but his most famous would have to be the IBM logo design and then their product work. Still used today, the IBM logo was first designed in 1956 then the striped logo came into play in 1972. Still looks pretty cool to me.

Paul Rands website

Dapper Beer

These guys have really jazzed up the bottle of beer look!
Dapper beer has had a revamp to make it look, well more dapper!

Make mine a double

Black Elf is a premium vodka in Europe, and they have just released their new packaging for the standard and premium versions of vodka. Although they almost look like salt and pepper shakers, i still would buy both if i saw them on the shelf.

Photo Comp - Help me Win!!

So there was this photo comp, and i snapped a photo while at work and entered at 5.28pm last friday when i really should have been in the lift running to get out of the building for the long weekend.... Anyway i made it to the final 5 and now i need you to vote for my image so i can win a lomo camera! So go on, vote for photo # 5 please!

vote here

The brief was to take a photo with the words "i love lomo" in it somewhere and by using a source of light.