Wednesday, September 30, 2009

To Dunk or not to Dunk…

So for a while I have been throwing up the idea of getting Nike hi tops. I have always been a low cut kinda girl (no not that kind of low cut), even with my converse collection, but there is something with a set of nice bright hi tops with tights and a short skirt that makes me want to buy a pair. Lily Allen was my Air Max 90s inspiration, so you never know…
So looking around on the interwebs lately I feel torn between two lovers. Blazers and Dunks. I have always looked to the Blazers first as I like the strip around the sole of the shoe with this cap at the front.

Then I saw these bright young things on the Size? Website over in the UK. And I am faced with the question “To Dunk or not to Dunk?”

Ever since Chi Chi showed me this store I have been logging on and drooling over several pairs since she left me 2 months ago. Yes, I think I found love. Although these Dunk Premiums have a slight Lakers feel going on in the colour way, I adore them.
So my reasoning now shall be, these bright purple Dunks and then these solid black Dunk Hi AC Tier Zero’s. Which have just hit the market at Atmos in Japan, so fellow sneaker people, who wants to pick me up a pair while your all in the land of the rising sun next week?? Huh, huh?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nimbus Vador

My good mates Bridge and Kid Zoom are taking the Aussie Art Talent to NYC on Oct 1st. They both are in the show Nimbus Vador with fellow Australian, Anthony Lister. This would be the place to be...

Drawing a Blank

Am I the last one to jump on the band wagon?
Did I miss the boat yet again?
Should I repeat kindergarten?
Should I go directly to goal and not pass go?
Why have I not found the rapper Amanda Blank before?

I think I have a new Idol, watch out Karen O…

This grrrl is HOT and she has a bank full of talent. Coming straight out of Philly she has a wicked tongue on her and I’m sure she is set out to prove everything wrong. This lass has already worked with some of the biggest names in the music biz, Ghostface Killah, Yuksek, Diplo (squeal) and she was the voice on that fuckin’ awesome song of all time Bump by Spankrock. Come to think of it I’ve seem this lady live in action with Spankrock at the Becks Bar!

Listening to Something Bigger, Something Better currently and I just want to go out and dance to some hip hop, in some new sneaks. Her tunes are really quite addictive, her gun-magazine samples and laser-gun effects make the songs bounce well with her soft MCing in this track. Some could compare her to a MIA or Santigold, but I think her rhymes are much dirtier and layered. From what I have heard so far, Ms Blank knows how to have a good time, and I wouldn’t say no to a live show hers.

I honestly am going to go out and buy this CD of hers this week, and believe me it is going to get played on repeat. Tracks like Shame on me and Might like you and so going to make it on one or two playlists this summer. yet the song Gimme What you Gotwhich features Spankrock, is a top fav after one listen. The dirty as back tracking would be so good to hear loud as possible in a place like Fabric London.

New style icon too maybe? Or too early to call? I think this grrrl will pick up the pace where MIA has us left on. I can see my new wardrobe already.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Keeping The Faith

Over the past 10 or so years, my music taste has changed quite considerably. 10 years ago I was 17 and in my final year of high school out in the burbs of Cherrybrook. My friends and I were the grunge kids of the year, hanging out near the art rooms, smoking loads of ciggies and always ditching PE and sport to smoke pot in a stranger’s backyard underneath a trampoline. I still to this day don’t know whose backyard that was. There was a lot of punk music thrown around back then, and we always talked highly of old school bands of the day, like Soundgarden and the Offspring (Spoonman is still an all time classic). At the time my sister was working full time and as with any older sibling, you did take notice of their tastes but not so they would notice. My sis Vikki kept talking of this dance group and I quite liked them. I remember playing them so loudly through mums record player in between 3-5pm so she wouldn’t yell at us and also so my “alternative punk” boyfriend at the time didn’t know I was listening to dance music. It was my dirty little secret.

However 10 years on, 5 studio albums and 1 Greatest Hits later I am still head over heels for the band Faithless. And im sorry anything that the three grounded members of this group touches turns to gold for me. Maxi Jazz, Sister Bliss and Rollo seem to make every single mix tape I make for myself or a friend.

They spark some of my favourite moments in time, like in 2006 when I was full of depression after a long term relationship break up and I ran away to London, listening to Faithless when I was touching down at Heathrow and I couldn’t help but smile knowing that I was going to be alright. The actual song was “I Want More” off their 2004 album No Roots, and when Maxi Jazz comes in it gets me every time.

More oneness, less categories,
Open hearts, no strategies.
Decisions based upon faith and not fear.
People live right now and right here.
I want the wisdom that wise men revere

Although it was probably a sad moment in my life so far, all I remember of that time is Faithless and returning to London to find my feet again, which I did on the dance floor at Fabric. Other moments in time with Faithless are driving back down the coast and listening to Salva Mea so loud that I blew my speakers in my old car and then getting those goosebump that you get when some electrical happens. Seeing Faithless live in 2004 was just amazing and I will never part with the shirt I bought on that balmy October evening.

2006 saw the release of To All New Arrivals, the bands latest studio album. This album has many undertones, both soical and political. It also features Robert Smith on vocals…Wallop to that. I mean can this group get any better? They have teamed up with George Michael, Estelle, Cat Power, Robbie Williams and Anthony & the Johnsons, gave Dido a leg up in her music career (bad move leaving Dido) and have provided us with so many dance floor anthems.

If you have 4min 40sec spare in your day today, please go and listen to Music Matters, it will put a smile on your face. Oh and remember, God is a DJ, it’s a girl too and I have the t shirt to prove it.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Noise Pollution

Imagine if there were earphones that are sold as a scam so that when you plugged them in everyone else on your street corner/train carriage/bus could also tune into your music. But in turn they were allowed to comment and dissect your taste in music…. Wouldn’t that be fun? Well no based on two reasons a) my music taste is awesome and B) I don’t really care what everyone else thinks of my music taste.

This bring me to my issue of the day... why do people suddenly think that if they can hear the slightest mumble from my earphones that it gives them the right to throw an evil towards my direction? I don’t believe I listen to my music loudly when in the public eye, and plus I would be either listening to Interpol, The Editors or Faithless. So why jump on your soap box and disrespect me and my choons? I could totally understand if I was listening to my music through a speaker phone or something of the like, making the song crackle and sound like it is being shouted through a mega phone but I am not that naff, or in a school uniform. So I put it to you people on the corner of Elizabeth and Park Streets why be a hater when I have my volume at halfway? You should be embracing the experience and frantically writing down the name of the song and the artist so you can hurry home and start your itunes download. Next time I will offer you an ear and a class in Music Education 101

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Sessions

Nothing can beat a Sunday Session, where you find some mates and some sunshine, eat food and drink. Mine yesterday started off on a friendly scale in Paddington with Yanni, then closely joined by Brother Dan. Food and beer is what brings us closer. Feeling the joy of a ‘its almost summer’ we took it up a notch and ended up at the cricks, drinking more cider, with more cider on the side. 10 hours later I find myself at a pub in Slurry that I dislike, still with a drink in my hand. I remember saying in my head take yourself home Shifty Sherlock, which I did. But when does a Sunday Session turn for the worse? When the first glass breaks? Because if so I did that at 1.45pm upon leaving the first pub. Maybe that was a sign of things to come.
Can a Sunday sess turn into a Monday Madness? The last Monday Madness I endured was a few months back when a few of my fellow unemployed friends and I jumped from the Darlo bar to the Gaslight and one of us ended up trying to moonwalk on the front bar, before jumping down and then scampering off into the night. I don’t think anything could beat that. So what does one do then? Do you continue the session through into tonight for a quick beer, as if it was a Sunday after the night before? Or do you cut your losses and realise that you had work today and still do tomorrow?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I think i am a backpack snob

I have always had a thing for backpacks. This sounds so naff, but I like the design of them, they have functionality. I have never been one of those people that carries multiple bags with them, its all or nothing with me. I remember being in high school when all of my friends had the Billabong and Ripcurl bags and then the A4 folder in their hands, yet I had some no name red backpack which I think was $8.95 from target, which fitted everything including the Tupper wear lunchbox. Once I was in uni it was still pretty much the same thing. All of my friends had handbags yet a friend and I had these small Mambo backpacks that everyone looked down on. This is where my backpack snobbery started, and it still continues.

Currently I have a Gravis Staple Japan Backpack, and no I didn’t just get it based on the name having Japan in it, although it is cool now when I think about it. I love this bag, it is the perfect day trip bag. It fits all my camera gear in it for a music festival day of shooting. It doesn’t look empty when it is. Oh and it is comfortable. I have it in black but I do like the Gravis camo pattern that you can also buy.

Last Saturday I saw that Gravis have a new range out, and I am liking what I see. The Hubble Backpack is very pleasing on the eye and im sure the back too. It is pretty much made for skaters though, due to the skateboard straps on the front. At $70 a pop im thinking that my new addition to my bag collection will be the grey version of this baby…

Oh my gwad, I am such a nerd.

Andreas Gursky

Gursky is a modern day landscape painter. Except he paints with his camera, so i like him even more. I came across one of his pictures today in a design brief and it lead me on a journey through his portfolio. Gursky photographs are visually stunning, he captures the modern day landscape in a powerful way. If you want to see one in the flesh get down to the MCA, as they have one of his pictures for you to gawk at.

Stan the Man

Today i thought of little Staney and how tres cool it would be to have him welcome me home after work. I actually forgot that he wasnt staying with us now, :( I think i am going to have to move to a place where i can get my own little version of Stanley.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Ode to AIR

Last week's favorite song was AIR's newby called "Sing Sang Sung" and it is already high on the playlist for this week, and its only monday. I have always considered AIR to be up there in my i can listen to them at any time bands and looking back at their back catalogue has just confirmed this statement in my mind.
I found AIR with their album Moon Safari. It was out 1998 but i found them a few years later at Art College. "Kelly Watched the Stars" and "All i Need" were amazing songs then and still are now. One of the best moments in time for me was watching these guys play "All I Need" at V festival in 2008 just as it started to rain, and just when i was lifting. Im actually listening to it right now. *Shivers* I never really got into the lady singing on this track, Beth Hirsch.. maybe i should.

Other AIR highlights for me include "Alone in Kyoto". When my sister said to me a few months ago that she wanted to walk down the aisle at her wedding to this song, i couldnt agree more. This track is stunning, strong and not overwhelming. It has a certain type if patience about it. When it was included in the film Lost in Translation, it tied the film all together for me. Also when i have travelled into Kyoto i always have this song playing to me.

AIR's album 10,000Hz Legend has two of my fav songs ever on it. "Radio #1" always reminds me of living in London and having nothing better to do then put on Radio 1 and dance around in my lounge room in my trackies. It was such a random time in my life, but was so much fun, and full of new things and new people based all around music.
"The Vagabond", well i mean how can you go past Beck singing on this one? Well that and a harmonica? Beck is such a great artist and for him to team up with AIR and make such an emotional, yet happy tune gets me. The line 'i could loose myself right here' and ' i do my best not to worry about things' sums me up in a 5.37 minute song.

Then you have AIR making the soundtrack to the movie The Virgin Suicides. Based on the book by Jeffrey Eugenides and directed by Sofia Coppola this movie helped launch film careers for both Kirsten Dunst and Josh Hartnett, (however i loved Kathleen Turners performance). The opening track on this album, "Playground Love" has an amazing film clip based around a piece of chewing gum, please watch it.

This brings me to AIR's last album, Pocket Symphony. Three years in the making, i think this album was quite strong in many aspects. I have read that on this album the duo experimented with some traditional Japanese instruments. This ties in nicely with many of the Japanese named songs that AIR have had throughout their tracklisting history.
The single "Once Upon a Time" is quite fitting, pleasant in a way but also very fairytale like. As if you are going on a journey to an unknown place. The song "One Hell of a Party" is such a dark tune, but has a realm of reality. Like a drunk night followed by the morning after. And with my sexy man Jarvis Cocker on vocals how could you go wrong? Seriously!
The album cover also i love. By artist Xavier Veilhan who is known for his interdisciplinary artworks.

So this brings me to the point of why did i miss their sold out Sydney show at the Opera House?? I myself do not know the reason why, and i dont think i ever will. People have told me it was magical and dream like, unlike anything else, and that they had goosebumps during the whole show. This photo just cements this in my mind.

Image taken by Mark Metcalfe

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Office Politics

I have been struggling this week with some office politics and how to deal with them. I have been combating them with a few different methods, none of which seem to be working. For example, Situation: people talking about you, they think you cant hear but you can Action: walk past them at a safe distance a few times and smile, if they still talk about you start to confirm or deny the things they talk about, still from a safe distance, about 2 metres.
Today has really taken the cake for me. Nothing seems to work within publishing and its office politics. So I went out and bought “In Cold Blood” by Truman Capote and have directly placed it on my desk where about 50% of the office can see it.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The issue is BIG

So I have been a purchaser of The Big Issue for a little while now, and there is one thing that always gets me when I buy it. Why are the people selling the magazine so friendly yet anyone who see’s you buy is gives you evils? Lately I have been buying the mag from this fella cnr of Park and Castlereagh Street and we have a little chat. But when I turn to walk away, there are all these suits staring at me. And I mean full on staring, like your mother would if she could you doing something naughty and you knew she was going to use your full name to call you on it.
About two weeks ago I bought the Johnny Depp issue (I mean why wouldn’t you?), and there was this middle aged man, stopped on the footpath just looking at me and the seller. I did not know what to do, I mean why should I want to do anything? And then today another suit man did a double look at the seller as if he is in the wrong.
I am a full on advocate for the people that sell The Big Issue. They are trying to turn their lives around no matter what their history and it is something positive. People like these suits to stare down at the sellers, should be tripped over or spill red wine on their brand new silk ties. If these middle class people just bought one issue and read the sellers profiles, maybe they would change their opinions and gain a reality check

where its at mid week

mid week beers are all the better when there are a few free ones in tow, then cheap longnecks after that. so if you like either of those things and some very cool artwork come down to the oh really gallery in enmore on wednesday night from 6pm. this week they have smc3 showing his wares.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I don’t care if your ugly, Tattoos make you hot

I have been going through a tattoo phase in my life. It May be down to my addition of Foxtel into my life and shows such as LA Ink and London Ink, or it could be down to people around me are more open to such things. Many moons ago, my ex was planning his tattoo, he wanted me to get one with him. I turned up my nose at it. Given that when I last saw him, it did look like a Nazi Germany POW stamp on his arm, I am so very glad I did turn down the offer. But since moving into the city I have been noticing more attractive designs of tattoos on people. It has made me realise that I am finding guys with arm and leg tattoos much more attractive. An example of this was last Saturday at the markets with Amelia. This tall guy walked past and the first thing I noticed was this colourful tattoo sleeve down his left arm. It was so detailed and I just had to look at it. I think I also proclaimed my love for him as he walked away, heres hoping he didn’t hear me. On discussions of this male, I was told he wasn’t much on the eye, but from what I remember he was! Even apart from the art on his skin.
So this has thrown the thought up, do I suddenly find people of the male variety more attractive if they have tattoos? And if I do, is it down to the whole “bad boy” image? Or the fact that he can handle pain? I have asked a few of my girl mates, and they do agree with me. Tat’s maketh the man.

A good friend of mine, is now a tattoo artist and when he was learning the art, I saw him gain more and more tattoos on his body. To me this made him more attractive. The fact that someone wants to place something permanently on their body, shows true commitment to something. And if the person takes time to think about the idea and the meaning of the tattoo, it shows depth of character. These are qualities I really admire in people.

I am not going to admitt that it is the "bad boy" image thing, as apparences do mean alot to me, but i think it does has something to do with it.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Good looking People and ipods

Walking to and from work in the past few weeks, I am starting to see a lot of people with white ear phones draping down their bodies. I May happen to be one of these people on the odd occasion too. Walking my way home, the scenery can be dull and often full of construction, so when I see something I like I tend to take notice. This does cover the opposite sex too. Being the judgemental person that I am, I wonder what these good looking people have playing on their ipods. If they have the look down pat, I do hope that they music lives up to the clothing attire.
Some of these people even have a little strut happening. Yesterday I saw this fella, walking up William Street towards Hyde Park, and he had the full on swagger on like he was swinging from side to side in tune to the music he had streaming through his ear phones. I was half imagining that he had a little of Rosin Murphy going on in those ear phones, as that would have made his actions understandable and also favourable. I would have also let him get off with listening to The Gossip or JT, purely based on his dance moves. His wardrobe for the day consisted of dark demin tight jeans, Nike 180’s, plain white Tee and black backpack. Strong outfit. Based on his clothing I also would have let him get away with any 1990’s hip hop.
And on Monday there was this guy who was going crazy on the air drum kit while walking down Liverpool Street. This made me giggle so much. I was tempted to go up to him and ask him what he was listening to, but I didn’t want to interrupt his moment. He would have lost his timing and would have had to start back at the beginning of the track and build the tempo all over again. But I would have stayed and watched him quite happily.

So this has got me thinking… when I see these people walking to work or on their way home, I am starting to put together a playlist for each of these people. This is done with 5 tracks, based on outfits, shoes, dance moves and/or hand actions. For this to happen I do need to watch the person in question a little more closely than what I would rather in passing or following for a block or two.
So for example, man in question wearing the solid outfit would have these songs on his playlist, in no order
1. Ruby Blue – Rosin Murphy
2. Fancy Footwork – Chromeo
3. Creator – Santogold
4. Det Lilla Livet – Familjen
5. Golden Skans - Klaxons

Lets hope he has all on his ipod, cause if he does, he’s a keeper.

Hard Cover, No Jacket

The boys at Oh Really Gallery are in full celebration mode this week, and are starting the weekend off in great birthday style. For their 1st birthday they are putting on the "Hard Caver, No Jacket" exhibition, opening at 6pm. Hard Cover, No Jacket is a great concept, all artists had to do their thang on a book cover. And with some of my fav artists jumping on board, it will be a great show. Come down to see Ape7, Beastman, DrewFunk and KidZoom’s creations first hand.


IN FULL BLOOM is another WeAreTheImageMakers production and is opening tomorrow evening at 6pm. It is show casing some of the best artists in Australia so you asll should come down for a look.